What is it about us humans? Why can we on the one hand accomplish the most outstanding things but on the other hand are so self-destructive? There seems to be a general contradiction in human existence. Because next to all the great human endeavors we can witness ecological destruction, social conflicts and mental disorders. Nobody really wants this and still it is the result of our actions. Why is this so? Why, if we all want happiness, do we so often create cruelty, suffering, incoherence and mischief?

"THE INNER REVOLUTION - in a world that runs amok" wants to reveal that the current problems we are facing today cannot be solved by politics or economics alone, but rather through inner change. Men has to revolutionize his inner life, else there will never be real harmony in the outside world. We rarely ask
: What makes us really human? What is really important to us? How do we want to live? Who are we and why are we here? But because we do not ask these questions, we often live a life that is not ours, in a world where we do not really feel at home. The film makes clear how self-inquiry, awareness and contemplative practice can enhance inner well-being, healthy relationships and improve our living together on this planet.

The documentary wants to show that if we want to live a harmonious and self-determined life, this can only come about through the individual’s path of self-knowledge. This includes dealing with the question of how far our attitudes and actions are self-determined or heteronomous and asks further why we so often adopt social concepts and structures without reflection?

Self-knowledge dissolves dependencies, fears and repressions and connects us again with our inner voice, our deepest own being, our true needs and potentials. When this happens, human beings are able to live more in harmony and clarity with themselves, in harmony with the whole, in freedom, with joy and compassion.

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